At Sharp Six we want to help you grow your ideas and bring them to fruition as efficiently as possible.

Sharpen your impact

Sharp Six provides capacity building services to non profit organizations, businesses and entrepreneurs. At Sharp Six we use our expertise to focus your innovative potential—to help you design, sharpen and grow your ideas. We are pleased to assist you with governance audits, policy drafting and implementation, strategic planning, tailored funding research, proposal and grant writing and project coordination. Ask us how we can help your non profit transition to the new Societies Act and amend your bylaws, constitution and policies accordingly.

See below to learn more about us and our backgrounds, or here to learn more about our services.

Sharp Six cares deeply about the health of our environment, our communities and the people and animals that share them. We especially enjoy working with individuals and organizations that are working to advance these values in creative, artistic or collaborative ways.

As part of our commitment we donate >1% of revenues to environmental and animal welfare charities. We encourage businesses & charities to join 1% for the Planet.


We are also a proud supporter of local organizations and LOCO BC member.

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Rachel S. Forbes

Principal & Legal Eagle

Rachel’s passion for advocacy can be traced back to her presentation to the Sunshine Coast Regional District board, insisting they start a recycling program. That precocious nine year old has since integrated a deep care for the Earth and all its inhabitants into her education, professional and volunteer pursuits. She believes we are more students of the Earth than we are its stewards.

Rachel is an entrepreneurial lawyer and strategist with a broad range of skills in policy, governance, project management, fundraising, strategic planning and communications. She is trained in and most passionate about environmental, animal and Indigenous issues, especially where they may, could or should intersect. She has nearly 20 years of experience working with different types of organizations, including serving as a director for various charities, non profits, and companies, including her current role as president of Georgia Strait Alliance. Rachel’s professional experience includes legal practice at Aboriginal, local government and environmental non profit law firms, working on sustainable development and community art projects at UniverCity, leading Grizzly Bear Foundation’s first year of operations, and helping over 50 clients with various capacity building issues via her consultancy, Sharp Six.

Rachel loves a challenged assumption, a creatively solved problem, and a good laugh. When she’s not in front of a laptop, she likes to lift heavy things, race down mountains and carry a book around to pretend she has time to read. She is a settler on unceded Coast Salish territories, and co-habits with her multitalented husband, feline fur baby Muppet, and furless baby Griffen.

Identifies as: She/her, settler

For more, please see the Experience page, Rachel’s LinkedIn profile, or download her extended CV here.

Natalie Duronio

Team contractor

Natalie assists Sharp Six with research, data compilation & analysis and going through things with a fine toothed comb. She has a background in economics and strong interests in neuropsychology, preventative medicine, renewable energy, environmental concerns, social change and international affairs. Natalie especially loves problem solving, working with data to make it make sense and crafting communications. She’s inspired by working with and learning from passionate people.

Anna Wex

Team contractor

Anna works with Sharp Six on graphic design, project management, and organizational audits. She’s a master at seeing the big picture and then methodically executing each part until it’s complete. Anna is inspired by good design, motivated by collaborative problem solving and cares deeply about people & the environment. She is an intern architect and also has degrees in anthropology, urban geography and community economic development. She speaks four languages (to different levels of proficiency) and is a member of the steering committee of Women in Architecture Vancouver.