Preparing for Societies Act Transition & Onboarding in October & November

This is part three in an ongoing Societies Act series. If you’d like email updates, sign up for our monthly Resource Mailer or Quarterly Communiqué.   These are the key action items your non profit should take in October & November to prepare for the Societies Act transition & onboarding.  By now you know that the new Societies… Read more »

CRA Begins Public Consultation on Clarification of Political Activities

As announced in the Federal Budget 2016, the CRA will collaborate with the Department of Finance to engage with charities to clarify the rules governing political activities. The CRA’s online consultations are now open, and the in person consultations – to be held in six cities across Canada – will follow at to be announced dates…. Read more »

Societies Act Transition Series

BC has a new Societies Act that will come into force November 28, 2016. All non profits must update their bylaws and constitution to conform to this updated legislation. For some non profits this will be a simple transition, but for others there may be more work involved to make sure the transition goes smoothly and… Read more »

WTF, Funders!?

There are tens of thousands of non profits and charities across Canada who rely on grants from various sources to fund their program work. Ostensibly, this work is serving a greater public interest or good that is otherwise not well enough addressed by private or government means and so, as a society, we rely on… Read more »

The Societies Act: what happens next?

This is part two in an ongoing Societies Act series. If you’d like email updates, sign up for our monthly Resource Mailer or Quarterly Communiqué. If you are a board member or staff person of a non profit in BC, an important question you should be asking is: what do I need to do in order… Read more »

PRIDE & the non profit

A look at the value of PRIDE and advocacy & education groups It’s PRIDE week in the City of Vancouver, and PRIDE season in many areas of our country. The Vancouver Pride Society is a main actor behind this week’s festivities, but there are myriad groups involved in not only this weekend but also year… Read more »

Planning a successful AGM

Planning a successful Annual General Meeting (AGM) for your non profit is key to your organization’s compliance and smooth operations. Key decisions are made that will impact the work you do. Sharp Six’s AGM Planning Checklist Here is our timeline and key questions to help ensure a successful AGM.   Four months prior Plan the rough… Read more »

Top Six Tips for an Audit Proof CRA Charity Info Return

If you are a registered charity, as you likely know, your organization needs to file a Registered Charity Information Return every year. The CRA has recently created a graphic to demonstrate when your Return is due, depending on your year end: A complete Return is not just form T3010, but also includes various attachments including… Read more »

Metro Vancouver Non Profit Sector Salary Survey

The Metro Vancouver Non Profit Sector Salary Survey is now open. This survey will help organizations and individuals understand the landscape of salary and compensation in the non profit and charitable sector in Metro Vancouver. Deadline: July 31, 2016 To stay notified or be reminded to fill it out, or to indicate your interest in having a survey… Read more »