The New Societies Act: Important Info for BC Non Profits

Image by M.Maslany

BC has a new Societies Act that will come into force November 28, 2016 and replace the existing Society Act. By the end of November 2018 all provincially registered non profits must “transition” to this new act. There will be a transition package issued by the Registry in August 2018 and you can find out more information on the provincial government site or, a great collaborating organization of ours, Law for Non Profits.

We will be explaining steps your non profit should be taking to prepare for and complete the transition – likely most importantly, ensuring you have the correct current bylaws and that your constitution and bylaws are transitioned correctly.

The transition might also be a good time to make those other changes you’ve been meaning to do for years or to host a short workshop for your board on how your bylaws work and if you need any other policies or practices to support your effective implementation of them.

Follow our resource page, Sharp Spotlight for more resources & give us a call for tailored assistance & resources. We can provide guidance to make it a smooth process and work with your staff and board.

Sharp Six can also provide more detailed guidance and legal advice tailored to your organization. Rachel Forbes, Principal of Sharp Six is a practicing lawyer who can provide this support. Contact us for questions or more information.


This is general information, it is not legal advice and it is not meant to be tailored to your organization. Please inquire with our lawyer, Rachel Forbes, directly if you have specific questions about this.