Sharp Shooters Workshop Series

image by M.Maslany

Sharp Shooters: free 30 minute skill building workshops

The Sharp Six team is providing free 30 minute Sharp Shooter sessions to community driven organizations, individuals and coworking spaces. We want to expand our impact by sharing our expertise to people doing great work in the community. These sessions will include the following topics:

  • Craft Your Budget: Learn strategies to create a seamless budget that meets your organization’s needs, supports grant writing and helps identify gaps in funding.
  • Facilitate Great Meetings: Learn how to lead efficient and effective meetings to better meet your goals and deadlines.
  • Find Better Funding: Learn where your organization (non profit, for profit and everything in between) can find more funding opportunities.
  • Build Your Board: Learn how to create a succession plan, recruit experts, establish some efficient policies & a relevant committee structure, and build an advisory board.

Schedule a Sharp Shooter session

We are available to facilitate a Sharp Shooter session starting now! If you would like us to host a Sharp Shooter session in your office, contact us and we would be happy to schedule a session in your workplace!

Please contact Miranda at or by phone at 604.910.2609 to schedule a workshop.