Sharp Spotlight is live!

image by M.Maslany

Welcome to Sharp Spotlight. 

Here you will find handy resources, fresh approaches and timely advice to sharpen your skills, expand your know-how and build your organization’s capacity.

The tips we generate here are a reflection of the work we do with our clients – therefore this is a great resource to check out if you are considering working with us and are interested to learn more about what we do.

There are 6 categories under which we group our posts:

  • Funding, for links to our recent resource mailers of funding opportunities and some other tips and tricks we have on getting and keeping funding for your non profit, charity or business
  • Social Enterprise, where we house resources for and critiques of social enterprise structures, mandates and operational models
  • Governance & law … is anyone really going to read these posts? Hopefully, because they’re critically important to your organization’s efficient functioning and success! This section includes information about the Societies Act changes, other regulation, governance ideas for your board(s), and riveting policy pointers
  • Planning, because every journey benefits from a map! Resources on planning for and implementing your goals, as well as strategies and tactics to make your organization get where it needs to go
  • Musings, which will include our opinions, perspectives and ideas on current trends and events
  • Client Spotlight, where we celebrate the successes, news and achievements of our clients and colleagues

Let us know if there is a topic you would like to see us cover and we’ll line it up for you.

Until next time,
the sharpsix team