The Legal Eagle at Sharp Six

image by M.Maslany

Does your organization need legal guidance? At Sharp Six we can provide specific legal support to sharpen your organization’s practices. Rachel S Forbes is a part time practicing lawyer with a JD from the University of Victoria and is the legal eagle ready to work with you and support your organization’s needs.

We work directly with range of charities, non profits, community organizations, social enterprises and small businesses. Our legal services are typically something we offer existing clients as a value add, but we are open to exploring options if your organization is not a current client and would like help with an area we have experience in.

What types of legal services can Sharp Six provide?

  • Specific and tailored support with the Societies Act transition
  • Setting up, registering or fulfilling reporting for a business or non profit
  • Assisting with applications for charitable status
  • Contract drafting, interpretation and advice
  • Specific issues related to areas including Aboriginal rights, environmental issues and resources, and local government.

Email for more information or to request a quote.