Societies Act Transition Series

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BC has a new Societies Act that will come into force November 28, 2016. All non profits must update their bylaws and constitution to conform to this updated legislation. For some non profits this will be a simple transition, but for others there may be more work involved to make sure the transition goes smoothly and efficiently. It is very important that this transition is done properly, as incorrectly completed transitions may cause challenges for non profits going forward.


Sharp Six is here to help! Tailored support & legal advice for your non profit

Rachel Forbes is our legal eagle and can assist your non profit with the Societies Act transition IF you need legal assistance. Send an email to to inquire about how she can assist your Board or staff with the transition.

Examples of our Societies Act support include:

  • Assistance understanding the requirements of the new Societies Act.
  • Development and/or execution of a plan to complete your transition and identification of all staff and/or directors that should be involved.
  • Review and assessment of current bylaws, constitution & special resolutions to identify and draft all amendments that will need to be made during your transition, including materials for any changes that need to be approved by your membership, if applicable.
  • Host a meeting for staff and/or directors to explain how the Societies Act changes will affect the organization and its ongoing reporting and filing requirements.
  • Review of organizational policies going forward to ensure they comply with new Societies Act requirements.
  • Guidance on incorporating a new non profit society under the new legislation.


Transition Tips & Toolkit Workshop

Note we are also hosting a Societies Act Transition Tips & Toolkit Workshop at The Amp in Vancouver on Tuesday October 25 from 5-7pm. Registration is open here. Please let us know if you’d like to attend the workshop remotely and we’ll make arrangements if there is enough demand.


Ongoing support series

We have created this ongoing series that will be updated about once a month and we will update new posts in the list below.

Part 1: The New Societies Act: important info for BC non profits

Part 2: The Societies Act: what happens next?

Part 3: Preparing for Societies Act Transition & Onboarding in October & November

We also recommend you visit the BC Registry Services Societies Act page for updates and ensure you’ve got someone from your organization who is receiving emails from the Registry!


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This is general information, it is not legal advice and it is not meant to be tailored to your organization. Please inquire with our lawyer, Rachel Forbes, directly if you have specific questions about this.